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About Village Salon Studios

Our business consists of three salons providing hair, nail, skin, lashes, barbering, massage, and other cosmetology services. The professionals lease the studios. They are independent business owners with the autonomy to make their own hours, set their own rates, accept payments directly, do much of their own marketing, and determine what services they will offer.

This is the future of the salon industry.

We're already there.

Our Vision

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Owners: Debbie & Dan Phillips

In the spring of 2012, we decided to open a salon. We knew that we didn’t want to be anyone’s boss. We wanted a place where salon professionals could go to work without worrying about leaving their tools and supplies out in a large open salon, a place where they could have privacy and one-on-one time with their clients.


So Salon Studios of Corrales was created.

Third Location

After nine years, in 2021, we opened our third village salon. Again, we like our location better than anything out there, so all three are in the Las Tiendas Shopping Center on the northeast corner of Alameda and Corrales Road.


We have the best landlords who are very supportive of our business.

First Location

Our first space was 1,500 square feet. We created 9 studios, two of which are doubles. We opened our doors on November 1, 2012. By February 1, 2013, we had 16 people on a waiting list for available studios.

Second Location

We looked around town for a suitable space for our 2nd location. We couldn’t find anything that we liked better than where we were. We have great parking, a central location, and are at a well-known shopping center.


So we decided to open Salon Studios 2 in the same shopping center, this time with 3,500 square feet that hold 25 studios--eight of which are doubles. Salon 2 opened on November 1, 2013.

New Name

As part of opening our 3rd location, we changed our name to "Village Salon Studios." 


Our goal is to create a true community, a village of salon professionals who support each other.



In 2016, our son Deo Navarez started assisting us at the salons. His responsibilities gradually increased until, in 2021, he started handling some of the administrative and management responsibilities.

Now, he is the manager and oversees all tenant relations. 

Assistant Managers

We have 2 assistant managers:

Sabrina Cordova

Sabrina is an assistant to Deo and, since 2020, is training to take on even more management responsibilities.

April Sealy

April handles the day-to-day management of the salons. She's been with us for years and addresses any immediate onsite needs.

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