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Village Community Support

Welcome to the Village Salon Studios community.

If you are a new villager, you have just a few tasks to complete the move.

1. Stay Connected

We understand your time is limited. Therefore, we avoid in-person salon meetings by communicating electronically through our website and the Spaces app. You'll be able to ask us questions, see announcements, and communicate with other villagers in the village groups.

The app looks like this:

Spaces icon.png

Here are the steps to join:

  1. Give us your mobile number. We will send you an invite link.

  2. You'll be prompted to download the Spaces app and create login credentials.

  3. Let us know when you have downloaded the app, and we will make you a member of the appropriate groups.

  4. The default is to have notifications on for the app. But make sure your phone has notifications turned on so you will stay informed.

  5. Also, make sure your profile is public, not private.

You can then personalize your member profile.

After all of the above is done, you can interact in the groups through the Spaces app on your phone or directly through the website (see button), but only after you have completed all of the above steps.

2. Website Profile

After you've completed downloading the Spaces app, and we've got you in the appropriate groups, we need to gather your information for a public website profile. If you are taking new clients, prospective clients will be able to find you by your services. If you are not taking new clients, your current clients will be able to contact you easily through our website. Any time you want to make a change, just come back here, click on the button, and fill in the form again. Then let us know you made a new submission so we can remove the old one.

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