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Public Profile Form

Welcome to our village community. To create your public profile for our website, fill in the info and picture below, making sure to follow the instructions exactly. Note that some fields have character limitations. All are required unless they are marked "optional."

You can update your public professional profile by filling out the form again when you want to make a change. Be sure to notify Tina Tidmore, the website manager, through the Spaces village groups that you have submitted a new profile. She will remove your former profile. 

Name you go by

 (at least first and last):

Your studio or business name:

Type of professional:

You can  choose only one , so pick the primary one.

Upload your picture:


 Best if it is a square headshot. 

Note: The website editor will automatically crop the photo to a square height-to-width ratio. If the cropping does not have the face properly centered and at the right distance, we will manually fix that after you have submitted this form.

Choose one to tell us your availability:

 If you chose "Accepting New Clients," please select the services you offer. If you chose "Not Accepting New Clients, skip down to the Outbound Links fields. 


Choose all you want to offer.

Other services (optional):

Enter any services you offer that we did not include above.

Outbound Links (optional):

We have space for you to put in 2 links. It can be to your website (which includes Square or another booking platform), Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or X profiles.

Salon #:

 Type in just the number , such as 1, 2, or 3.

Studio number you'll be leasing:

 Type in just the number , such as 105

Phone number:

We need you to  enter your phone number twice . One is a readable format, and the other is a linkable format.

In this first field, type in your phone number, including dashes and area code.

Now, type in "tel:" and then your phone number, including dashes and area code.

​ Note that there is no space between the colon and the first number. 

Type in like this:


 Your content has been submitted. Let Deo know you finished so we can make sure it's showing and do any formatting or edits needed. 

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