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VSS Location 2

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Welcome to the group! This is for all who lease from Village Salon Studios Location 2. You can comment, ask, and discuss.

Group Rules


The purpose of the villagers groups is to give a means of communication from the salon owners to tenants and between tenants. Therefore, all tenant members must follow all the rules for this group.

Group Topics & Behavior Rules

The following are not allowed: 1. Politics & religion topics. 2. Bullying or harassment. 3. Complaints. Take the complaint directly to the other tenant or to salon management, whichever applies.

Rules Violation Consequences

Rules violations will lead to: 1. Your violating post or comment will be removed. 2. You access will be blocked until the matter is resolved. 3. Possible lease termination for 2 violations.


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  • October 19, 2021


  • Tina Tidmore

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