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It Literally, Takes a Village

In November of this year 2022, it will be 10 years since we opened our doors.

When I think about all the people that have helped us on our journey so far it boggles my mind. Every salon professional that has come through our doors, we would not still be here today if it wasn't for the fact that each one of you could see our vision. Each one of you believed in us. Even the ones who didn't stay contributed to our growth and understanding of what it takes to keep our Village running smoothly. But the salon professionals who have stayed (and there are quite a few who have been with us since the beginning) I can't express my gratitude enough to you. You stayed through thick and thin and believed in us. That means the world to me. You show up every day and you work hard and I have a world of admiration for you all. You guys make it happen, you keep us going. Saying Thank You doesn't convey the gratitude that I have in my heart. But Thank You.

A lot of other people make this Village successful as well. People who work behind the scenes that you don't even see on a daily basis.

Most important is our Sabrina. She shows up twice a week late at night and and she cleans our salon and makes it welcoming. When I know that Sabrina is going to be there I always feel like the salon is safe and in good hands. She also is our painter. She's the one who paints and cleans the studios and gets them ready for a new salon professional to move into. Sabrina is an owner in training. This woman takes her job very seriously. I don't know what we would do without her.

Another person that you don't see is Tina. Tina is our web guru. She keeps our website, our social media and our ads going smoothly for us. It was a blessed day when I met her. She takes such a huge load off of my plate I can't tell you how invaluable she is. This woman knows her stuff!

And you never see Valerie, Valerie is my friend from way back. She is the artist that provides the beautiful artwork that we get to enjoy in the salons. She is kind enough to let her art hang in our salons for free. I can't imagine having our vibe without Val's art.

Another person that you don't see is Janet. Janet and I work very closely together designing our signs. Any sign in our salons, inside or out has passed over her desk at least once. When we need a sign, I contact Janet, tell her what I want and just like that.. a few days later it appears in my mail. She is an amazing resource for us.

Now Patrick you probably have seen. Patrick is our electrician. He is so awesome because when we need electrical work he is always willing to help out. Usually that very day.

We also depend on TLC Plumbing Company a lot. They not only take care of our plumbing needs but also any hvac issues that we might have.

So many people involved in helping everything run smoothly.

Most importantly Dan and Deo, they are both always willing to jump in whenever they are needed. We are so fortunate that Dan can do almost anything. A lot of times we can bypass an electrician or a plumber. Dan has taught Deo a lot about Plumbing and just generally fixing things. They are both very handy to have around. I'm so blessed!

And then there's me. Very slowly transitioning into retirement. Some day Deo and Sabrina will take over, but for now, most of my work is done behind the scenes.

So that's our Village! Everyone working together to make everything come together.

It's a Beautiful Thing.



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