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Paying Rent for Leasing a Salon Studio

The first thing I want to say about the rent is: Pay Your Rent on Time!

paying your salon suite rent on time

Prompt payment to your landlord is so important for a bunch of reasons.

  • The main reason is that this is how the salon continues to be able to survive.

You might think that your one little rent payment doesn't make a difference in the large scheme of things. But I'm here to tell you that it does. It's very important. So, speaking as a landlord running 3 salons in Albuquerque, please make your studio/suite payment a priority when paying your bills.

  • Believe me, tenants who consistently pay their rent on time have way more credibility with their landlord than those who don't.

Show you are a reliable person of integrity.

  • It is respectful of the landlord and to your business when you pay on time.

Don't make your landlord chase you down and get frustrated. It's just makes for a better relationship.

  • Saves on late fees

Speaking of late fees, I hate charging anyone a late fee. I don't want to charge you, and you don't want to pay it. So pay your rent on time and we're all happy! Late fees take away your income. Why waste your money?

Options for Making Monthly Lease Payments

Here at Village Salon Studios, we give our tenants a 3-day grace period. Rent is due on the 25th of every month. But we will not charge a late fee unless it's paid after 9pm on the 28th of the month. We understand that sometimes things come up, and it may take a day or 2 to get your funds together. That's life, things happen.

But the grace period does not mean that the rent is due on the 28th at 9pm. It is not. The grace period should only be used when necessary. Rent should be paid on the 25th.

We try to make paying your rent as easy as possible, so there are lots of options:

  • We have a drop box in the back of each salon. You can pay cash or check and put it in the drop box.

  • We have a Village Salon Studios app that makes paying super convenient. Here, you can set up automatic payments. And through this app, you'll receive the email invoice.

  • We also accept rent payments from Apple Pay, Venmo, Facebook Messenger, and Cash App.

I do have to say that most of our tenants are extremely good about paying on time. Most of them have their rent set up on automatic deduction (ACH) and that is an effortless way to pay. And once your rent is paid, I can mark you paid in our books and get that off my plate. That means I can spend my time serving my tenants and improving the salon.

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