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Questions to Consider before Taking the Leap of Faith & Leasing a Salon Suite (Go Independent)

Since beginning your salon career, one of your goals has probably been to own your own salon, maybe even here in the northern Albuquerque area. If you're feeling like this is the time and you have a fairly decent clientele built up and maybe a little money set aside. You also have some experience dealing with different kinds of people. It could be the perfect time to take that leap.

Feeling nervous is normal. You probably have lots of questions and you don't know where to look for the answers. I'm here to help with a series of blog posts here on our website.

I'm going to answer these questions:

And many more.

My opinions and advice will be aimed toward first-time salon owners, someone who has never rented a salon space before. But I will also include information that can help a more seasoned salon entrepreneur.

And here's the first in the series:


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