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The Fun Part - Decorating Your Salon Space

painting salon studio space

This is where you can really let your personality shine through. Oh! the endless possibilities... and decisions:

  • What vibe is best?

  • What color and textures?

  • What to use for storage?

  • How to decorate?

  • What music, if any?

Your vibe will come with your choices, for the most part. When you chose something that you love, it will automatically fit with the other things that you love. This creates your vibe or your style. Don't be shy, put yourself into it! This is what will set you and your business apart from all the other salons and studios/suites in the NW Albuquerque area.

This section is for salons and salon suites. One downside to booth renting in an open concept salon is that you can't express your personality--there just isn't enough space for the most part. And also, because you are working in a shared space, you have to be aware of the culture of the entire salon.

So, when setting up your studio or suite, take into consideration the size of your space. Don't bring in a huge storage cabinet if your space is small. No matter how much you love it, feeling cramped is not good for you or your clients. The trick is to maximize the space that you have.

Talk to your landlord about installing cabinets and shelves on the walls. Most will be agreeable because they realize that you need storage and they expect that tenants will have to make holes in the walls. Keep as much of the shelving and cabinetry off of the floor if possible. Keeping the floor space clear helps make the space look and feel larger.

You can accomplish a lot with color. Color can make a huge impact. An accent wall in a contrasting color can help bring everything together and be the focal point of your space. Again, check with your landlord about the requirements for painting. Some may allow you to do the painting and others may not allow it at all. Some may want a professional to do the painting.

Texture is another great way to add personality to your space. I do not recommend any type of rug or carpet on the floor. As with everything that you bring into your salon space, always keep in mind that everything has to be able to be cleaned and sanitized. But a textured wall hanging is something to consider. It may need to be cleaned periodically, but it can help create your vibe.

Also, think about your sound. Everyone likes to listen to music while working and clients like it while relaxing and having their hair done. Sound is a fine balance in a suite/studio situation. It can't be so loud that your neighbors can hear it (remember, they are creating their own vibe and it may not be the same as yours). But you want to be able to hear it and enjoy it. So just be aware of the level of your sound. You aren't going to need big speakers in a small space. Think about where you will place your music device.

At Village Salon Studios, we encourage people to be true to themselves with decorating their studio space. However, there are limits... At one point, I had a hairstylist ask if she could bring a coffin to her studio! She wanted to stand it up and have shelves inside of it. I had to say no to that request. Some things are just not suitable in a salon setting. Lol


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